All Weather & Natural Wicker

(Lane Venture, Lloyd Flanders)


All Weather Wicker and Natural Wicker are ideal materials for both indoor and outdoor furniture. It is classic in style, low maintenance and weather resistant. However, the following precautions will ensure that your furniture provides you with many years of satisfaction:

  1. Place your furniture away from trees or bushes that can drip sap.
  2. When not using your furniture, invest in quality furniture covers.

Care & Maintenance

Frame and Wicker

Minimal care is required to maintain the beauty of your wicker furniture. Vacuuming the wicker with a soft brush or upholstery tool will remove organic material and prevent decay. Both the frame and wicker can be washed with mild detergent (Liquid Ivory or Joy) and water, using a wet sponge to wipe the soil from the surface. Rinse with clean water and allow to air dry thoroughly before using.

As with any fine outdoor furniture, the paint finish must be maintained in order to protect the furniture from the elements and ensure its lasting strength and beauty. If the finish on the wicker becomes worn, repaint the area after cleaning and drying the furniture. Allow the paint to cure thoroughly before use.

If the finish on the frame becomes scratched or chipped, lightly sand the problem area with fine-grit sandpaper, clean and dry. Finish the process by applying some touch up paint from the manufacturer or a comparable commercial paint.

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