Mississauga, ON, Canada


Radiant Infrared Outdoor Heaters

What we love about them

Let’s face it – in Canada, winter is our longest season, and both autumn and spring can be unpredictable. But we Canadians are fierce and stubborn creatures, determined to sit outside on our patios in sandals when it’s 8 degrees Celsius and cloudy. And at THE SIGN we thought, there just has to be a better way.

Enter Aura heaters. These are fantastic, guys. Discreet, attractive, and effective outdoor heaters that rely on infrared technology to warm up those chilly nights. And best of all, they’re Canadian! So if you have been grilling in the cold, or tenaciously sitting on your chaise lounge after the first frost, come on down and check out how Aura can help you extend your season.

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Aura 2.jpg