South Boston, VA, USA; Wholly-owned manufacturing in Indonesia


Teak; Resin Wicker; Stainless Steel; Aluminum; Luxury Outdoor Textiles

What we love about them

It is rare to find a company that so perfectly captures the essence of living well outdoors. Each Gloster collection is thoughtfully created with a view toward longevity in an outdoor space, both in the sense of the physical quality and endurance of the materials and construction themselves, but also in the timelessness of the aesthetic design.

We have worked together with Gloster for decades, and have come to know them not just as a company that produces beautiful furniture, but as a team of caring, creative and intelligent individuals who have great respect for the environment, and who show great loyalty and care to their fellow humans.

Every handmade piece of Gloster furniture presents a union of natural beauty, intentional design, environmental stewardship, and uncompromising quality. It is for this reason that we continue to showcase a wide array of Gloster furniture year after year, decade after decade.