Kingsley Bate


Manassas, Virginia, USA


Teak, Resin Wicker, Stainless Steel, Luxury Outdoor Textiles

What we love about them

Kingsley Bate makes gorgeous products, and they have a long and storied history of high quality manufacturing. (And we love a good story.) Kingsley Bate was an early leader in the design and manufacture of Grade A teak from Indonesia, even going so far as to formally partner with the Indonesian government in the early 1980s to ensure the long-term sustainability of teak growth and harvest in the region. We love that they take environmental stewardship seriously, and are committed to ethical forestry practices; and we admire their unyielding attention to detail in craftsmanship, and their exceptionally high standards in both materials and manufacturing practices.

Although Kingsley Bate’s origins are in teak, over the last fifteen years they have expanded into a wide variety of outdoor media, often incorporating multiple materials in a single collection to achieve a distinct design aesthetic. Over the course of our long partnership with Kingsley Bate, we have seen the incredible, almost startling, longevity of their products first hand. These are pieces that can be passed down to grandchildren after decades of use… richly patinaed, soaked in good times, and still rock solid.