(Hatteras, Pawley’s Island)


  1. The maximum safe weight limit for your hammock is the lesser of 450 lbs, or the weight limit indicated on the hammock.
  2. Do not jump up and down on your hammock (it can cause excessive wear on the hammock and the mounting hardware).
  3. When you hang your hammock, be certain that it is situated so that the angle of the hammock when someone is lying in it will exceed 25 degrees.
  4. A hammock can be unstable unless you always place your weight in the center of the hammock. Do not sit on the edge.
  5. Do not allow the chains supplied with your hammock to become twisted or allow the hammock to flip over (which also causes the chains to twist). This drastically reduces the strength of the chain.
  6. Do not allow children to use the hammock without direct adult supervision.

Care & Maintenance

Hammock (solid cotton rope or soft spun polyester rope)

Although your hammock is intended for outdoor use, exposure to adverse weather conditions, such as rain or snow, will serve to shorten the useful life of the hammock and will affect its appearance.

When you hang your hammock for the first time, it is not uncommon for the weave to appear pulled or uneven. Simply give your hammock a vigorous shake from one side and it should straighten out. Your hammock may appear too short when you first take it out of the box, however, this special hammock rope “breathes” and will stretch out to its length with use. You may have to adjust the chain from time to time as the rope relaxes.

For cleaning, lay the hammock on a clean, dry surface that is non-abrasive. Wet it down with a hose and use a soft brush or cloth with a mild solution of warm water and detergent. When you are through, rinse the hammock thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before using or storing. Other products available from Pawley’s Island include a “Hammock Shield and Cleaner / Restorer” combo kit.

Store your hammock at the end of the season in a cool, dry place. BE CERTAIN THAT IT IS NOT WET OR DAMP WHEN STORED OR THE ROPE MAY MILDEW OR ROT. If your hammock does get wet, let it dry completely before storing.


Prior to use, a water-repelling agent, such as “Scotch guard” can be sprayed on the pillow sham for additional protective care.

In the event that the pillow does become stained or soiled, the pillow sham may be machine washed with cold water on the gentle cycle. Completely air dry, or machine dry on a cool setting. An iron may be used on a cool setting, if desired. NEVER WASH THE INTERIOR PILLOW, AS IT WILL AFFECT THE FILL MATERIAL.

Since the pillow sham is made of natural fibres, it is not guaranteed against outdoor conditions. It should not be left outdoors in adverse or humid weather conditions to avoid stains and or mildew. When not in use, it should be stored dry in a place, which is cool and free of moisture.

Should the pillow become completely wet, dry the sham as indicated above and air-dry the interior pillow.

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