Stainless Steel

(Gloster, Kingsley-Bate, Mama Green)

Stainless steel furniture, as with any item left permanently outside, requires regular maintenance to keep it looking as new.

Care & Maintenance

Although stainless steel is generally resistant to corrosion, the surface is susceptible to cosmetic deterioration by the effects of salt water, salt air, chlorine from pool water, and air-borne chemicals and this may result in small brown spots appearing on its surface. These spots in no way affect the strength, integrity or longevity of the furniture; they are simply superficial discolorations that require cleaning to restore the stainless steel to its original appearance.

If any brown spots appear on the stainless steel they can be easily cleaned by gently rubbing the surface of the steel, in the direction of the brushed finish, with a Scotchbrite pad. If these deposits are allowed to build up, then it may be necessary to clean the product more thoroughly with a stainless steel cleaner & polisher, which cleans and restores the new look of stainless steel furniture and makes the surface repellent to both dirt and water. To further inhibit corrosion and retard the effects of weather and oxidation, we recommend using an anti-corrosion wax at least once a year.

We carry a selection of stainless steel cleaners, polishes and waxes.

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