At THE SIGN, we take great pride in tuning your skis and snowboards. 

It doesn't matter if you’re a beginner, expert or racer, a perfectly tuned ski or board will help your skiing and riding. Your skis or board will run smoothly, turn more consistently and hold on ice better than when they were brand new! 

Our "Deluxe Pro Tune" is our most popular tune. It repairs all minor base damage, grinding and structuring the base using our state of the art Montana tuning machine, bevelling the base edge, sharpening and bevelling the side edge on either the Montana and/or on our Wintersteiger Trimjet ceramic disc tuner, polishing the edges so there are no burrs, and completing the tune with a hot wax and a final buff of the base! 

Our technicians oversee the tune-up every step of the way. We focus on preserving the life of your skis and snowboards by using this hands-on approach.

How often do your skis or board need a tune? The frequency depends on the number of days you spend on the hills and the snow conditions. A good rule of thumb is having them tuned at the beginning of each season (along with a binding check), prior to heading away on vacation, and/or once for every 6 – 8 days of skiing.