Paul de M. (1980)

What does the ‘d’ stand for? Dedication. He is intense. Creative. And he also happens to be Bill Hefler’s son-in-law. Paul was the boy-next-door, growing up around the corner from the Heflers in Don Mills. He left a career in the packaged goods industry and started working at The Sign of the Skier in 1980, the year he married Bonnie, one of Bill’s three daughters. As the owner and manager of THE SIGN, Paul is actively involved in every detail, from skis and boots in the winter season to the summer season’s main offering, outdoor furniture. He’s an equipment expert, boot fitter, furniture specialist, and mentor. There is seldom a time when you will not find Paul at the store, knee-deep in new products, working with a tough boot fit, or helping the many young racers who come into the store for high performance equipment. He’s committed to every single aspect of the smooth running of the store. And he loves it.