Wrought Iron & Steel

(Kettler, Lafuma, O.W. Lee)

Today’s wrought iron and steel finishes are absolutely extraordinary; however, we still recommend that you follow the guidelines below in order to ensure your furniture provides you with many years of enjoyment.

Care & Maintenance

The care is quite similar to the care of one’s car. As with one’s car, your furniture should be washed with mild soap and rinsed well on a regular basis. Do not use abrasive materials or strong detergents. Twice a year, preferably spring and fall, apply a quality non-hazing automotive liquid or paste wax to protect the paint finish. NOTE: On textured finishes, periodically apply mineral or baby oil.

Should the furniture become scratched or chipped, apply touch-up paint to the blemished area. When covering small spots of surface rust, clean area by sanding lightly and wipe immediately to prevent rust from continuing. When preparing scratched areas for touch-up painting, rub lightly with a fine steel wool to smooth the surface and improve paint adhesion. Apply thin coats of touch-up paint and allow ample drying time between coats. When completely finished, re-apply a quality non-hazing automotive liquid or paste wax on non- textured furniture and mineral or baby oil on textured furniture.

Wrought iron and steel are semi-malleable metals. As a result, if a portion of your furniture should get bent, you can straighten or level the bent piece by pulling or pushing firmly in the opposite direction of the bend.

The use of furniture covers when the furniture is not in use over an extended period of time will minimize the necessity for additional cleaning and extend its life.

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