Trust the professionals. We do.

At The Sign of the Skier, we are passionate about design. It informs everything we do, from the brands that we choose to represent, through to the unique, handcrafted pieces we feature in our showroom year after year.

We love to partner with Design Professionals, and we are uniquely suited to working with the A&D community. In addition to the curated collections we stock, all of our furniture is available made-to-order in reasonable lead times, making it possible for you to offer fully customized furniture in limitless configurations to your client. Also, the vast majority of the suppliers we represent build their furniture to commercial specifications, and offer excellent warranties for commercial projects.

At THE SIGN, we offer special pricing to accredited designers and commercial specifiers. Please feel free to contact us to learn more, or visit us any time to discuss your upcoming projects, and how we can best support you in them.