Sealants and Cleaners

Taking care of your future summer memories.

At THE SIGN, we carry brands that stand behind their products, and that make exclusive use out of the best materials available in outdoor furniture manufacturing. Our products are built to last, and they can handle what a Canadian winter will throw at them. However, a certain modicum of care is required to keep furniture that lives life outside looking its best year-round.

We offer a wide complement of high end sealants and cleaning products that are specially designed for the unique materials that are used in the various collections that we stock. When you purchase furniture from THE SIGN for the first time, our staff will educate you on what your furniture will need over the years; but if you already have furniture you love and are looking for something special to look after it, please feel free to drop in and learn about the different products that can be useful to maintain and prolong the life of your furniture.

To learn some helpful tips and tricks, check out our Care & Maintenance page.