Big Green Egg


Atlanta, GA, USA


Ceramic kamado grills

What we love about them

You might be on this page because of a life-changing steak in your neighbour’s backyard. Or maybe you’ve heard about the Big Green Egg so many times, you want to see what the fuss is all about. Whatever the reason, there is something just so darn compelling about really good food.

Big Green Egg brought luxury kamado-style charcoal grilling into the mainstream about twenty years ago, and they are far and away the best known manufacturer of high end charcoal grills. The Big Green Egg is made out of heavy walled ceramic, which retains heat at consistent temperatures over long periods of time, making it possible to cook fall-off-the-bone ribs at 250F over several hours, or the best steak you’ve ever tasted at 700F for eight minutes. (Or margherita pizza. Or smoked chicken. Or blackened scallops. But we digress.)

We could go on and on about convective air, heating zones, and the whole kit and kaboodle; but you should really just pop in and check out the Egg for yourself. We offer the whole range of sizes, and a giant complement of Eggcessories; and our staff love to chat about the many features and benefits of The Big Green Egg with prospective Eggheads.